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Services offered:

Management Team Coaching

Cultivate Calibrate Curate works directly with your organization over a 6 month period.  Cultivate Calibrate Curate engages with the entire time; acting as an independent gauge of the management-team development.  Cultivate Calibrate Curate manages various aspects of the development culture including management team tools and implementations-working to arm the management team with the right tools regarding talent and development, improve the capabilities of the management team as a whole and increase the success of the development culture, and provide a cohesive talent culture.

*Individuals can also hire Invest in Cultivate Calibrate Curate to work independently of an organization in managing career development.

Team Evaluations/Planning:

Cultivate Calibrate Curate evaluates existing talent and development assessment program and identifies potential roadblocks; creates talent and development plan for management team and organization’s team; offers strategies for talent and development success moving forward.

*All consulting services are customized to best fit the needs of the organization/team.

Talent Support Consulting and Training:

Cultivate Calibrate Curate conducts a two day on-site visit to the workplace consulting with managers and team members.  During this time, Cultivate Calibrate Curate familiarizes with processes, systems and structures already in place via interviews and observations.  Cultivate Calibrate Curate then advises strategies on how to improve the series already offered and how to better build and develop the team.  Processes and strategies in crude: Advising/Counseling, Reporting/Monitoring/Documenting, Performance Review, Developing and Mentoring.  Following the onsite visit, Cultivate Calibrate Curate remains on retainer in an advisory role for a 6-month period.

*All consulting services are customized to best fit the needs of the organization/team.

Creation/Implementation of Development Program/Best Practices:

Cultivate Calibrate Curate builds your talent and development program from the ground up.  Creating and implementing policies and procedures, monitoring and reporting mechanisms, development support strategies/set-up.  Cultivate Calibrate Curate customizes the program based on needs and existing procedures of the institutions.  Cultivate Calibrate Curate remains on retainer for a 6-month period following the set-up of the new program.

*All consulting services are customized to best fit the needs of the organization/team.


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